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Integrated Entity Est, Seef Trading center, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah.

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Phone No: +966 54 6888 084

About Us


Ientegrated Entity Company (IE) has designed and implemented various projects inthe region, ranging from educational institutions, high rise buildings, to commercial &  residential buildings.

The company is staffed with a sizeable and professional Team to handle the core  business activities, ranging from Design & Engineering, Implementation, and Testing& Commissioning to providing Operation & Maintenance services.

With this blend of skills, use of cutting edge technology and specific experiences,Integrated Entity Company breeds success by having management & technical skills,supply chain knowledge, robust design resources, risk identification and flexibility to  deliver innovative solutions timely.

Integrated Entity Company (IE) prides itself upon having all the internal resources &expertise necessary for any turnkey implementation.

In addition to above, the company has been engaged on Projects in real estate  developers, and construction contractors, having the know-how and capabilities of  dynamically establishing its presence and leaving its mark in any given project site.

The success of our specialized technical services owe much to our ability to meet andsatisfy the needs of our clients through our highly innovative implementation  methodology backed by qualified & experienced technical staff supported by availablepool of expert resources to support the projects and shored by professional  consultants in the field of value engineering, design and planning.


“Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Integrated Entity”.
The Company takes pride in security, safety & MEP services that serve the varied needs of its customers. To do that, Integrated Entity unleashes the power of its employees their energy and commitment make it possible for the Company to maintain a leadership position in the markets it serves.


Gain Full customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty byintroduction the greatest experience, positivity andcommitment.


Integrity: Strive to do what is right and do what we say wewill do.
Innovation: Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to makeus better, faster, first.
Delivering Superior Results: Exceed expectations,consistently.
Corporate Responsibility: Serve and improve thecommunities in which we live.
Diversity: Embrace the diverse perspectives of all people andhonor with both dignity and respect.
Result: To be the industry leader in security services in theMiddle East region.

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